Are you using Busy Accounting Software for managing your Accounts & Inventory?

Now use Apna Bazar Mobile App to manage your business through your mobile. You can use Apna Bazar Mobile App in the following manners :

Manage your Accounts

Stock Manage your Sales Team

Manage your Mobile Store

Accounts and Stock Management options available in Mobile App :



Sales Order


Purchase Order


Sales Invoice




Sale Return


Purchase Return










Sales Quotation* (Coming Soon)


Purchase Quotation* (Coming Soon)



 Statement of Accounts


 Bill by Bill Outstanding


Stock Reports(Multi-location)


 Stock Reports(with Images)


Sales, Purchase, Receipt Registers, etc.


Trial Balance


Parameter Wise Stock Reports


Batch Wise Stock Reports


Serial No Wise Stock Reports


Pending Voucher for Approvals


Staff GEO Location Tracking Reports

Additional Features


Mobile Store and Product Listing


Sales Reps Mobile Order Booking and Online Payments


Online Invoices and Issuance of Receipts


Online Reporting with Personalized Dashboard


Option to Integrate other ERP also


Option to create Item Catalogues


Item Wise Discount


Free Quantity Issue & Receipt


TAX including or excluding Billing


Online & Offline mode of working


Document printing, Email & WhatsApp facility

Some more benefits of Apna Bazar Mobile App related to Busy :

Technical Benefits.


Easy to use and install.
No need for Static IP or Port forwarding.
No need for a Broadband connection. It can work with any type of Internet connection.
Very easy to configure with Busy Software. In just 2-3 minutes you can configure.
It will work 24 x 7 even if the main computer is Off.
Online and Offline mode of working.
It will work with all editions of Busy like Basic, Standard, or Enterprises.
It will work with both types of Busy Database(Access or SQL).

Other Benefits


Features like Item wise discount system, Minimum sales price.
Multiple price lists for Items.
Party-wise price and discount structure.* (Coming Soon)
Parameter wise voucher entry and stock Reports.
Batch wise voucher entry and stock Reports.* (Coming Soon)
Serial No. wise voucher entry and stock Reports.* (Coming Soon)
Voucher entry and Stock Reports with Item Images.
Checking of Stock Status with or without images.
Sharing of Statements, Orders and other documents with clients through Email, WhatsApp or through Bluetooth Printer.
Live Attendance Tracking of Field Staff with Geo Location.
Field Movement Tracking with regular intervals.
Payment Reminders to Clients or Dealers.
Send notifications, discount offers to salesman or clients.
Personalized Mobile Dashboard with detailed information.

Sales Team Management options available in Mobile App :

Sale Force Management Features


Sales Monitoring with GEO location.
Route Planning (Daily Basis or Custom).
Centralized Data Control.
User-wise data viewing rights.
Online and Offline working.
Daily Expense processing.
Daily Attendance with GEO location.
Visit Tracking.
Catalog creation and sharing.
Sales Orders and Quotations generation.
Sales Invoice generation.
Payment Collection from Parties.

Additional Features for Sale Force Management


Pending Orders Reports.
Regular updated Stock(Multilocation).
User Hierarchy and Rights.
Sales Reports and Analysis.
Dispatch Status.
Direct Payment Reminders.
Personalized Dashboard.
Managing News and Notifications.
Eliminate unnecessary paperwork.
Increased productivity.
Sharing of Account and pending Bill statement through WhatsApp & Emails.

Mobile Store Management options available in Mobile App :

Create your Online Store/Shop

You can easily create your online store/shop through ApnaBazar Mobile App. You can increase your Sales by providing extra shopping comfort to your clients.

Custom branding of your Mobile Store

You can easily customize your mobile store as per your needs. You have 100% freedom to change the app name and logo without restrictions and curl.

Upload multiple products with multiple categories

You can choose the color theme and create your own product catalog: multiple Images of a single product, product description, size, color, custom categories, and client-wise sales price categories.

Multiple images of products

You can add multiple images of products, descriptions, and all details as per your requirements.

Different themes available for your Store

Multiple themes are available for your Online store. You can choose any theme and start selling online.

Enhance customer loyalty

You can boost customer experience by introducing special offers and make customer care a priority for the brand.

Push notifications for discount & offers

You will receive a Push Notification when an order has been placed. The same can be the case at the user-end, upon confirmation or cancellation of the order, the user will be duly informed. Furthermore, you can create custom notifications for special offers or for some specific categories for clients.

Easy to use Mobile App

Apna Bazar is an order-taking and delivery App, which can be used to take orders directly from end-users. Not only that you can use this App to take orders from your dealers, distributors directly, or through your own sales team.

Payment gateway integration with multiple payment methods

Integrated manual payment methods like COD (Cash on Delivery) or Cash or automatic payment methods like Internet Banking, Wallets, Credit Card or can pay through Debit Card.

Multiple Price lists

You can create multiple price lists and change price lists as per your requirement.

Engage your customers with regular updates

You can send notifications about new offers, newly launched product information, and other regular updates through this Mobile App.

User registration through OTP

Clients can log-in with OTP (one-time-password) enabled features to ensure you have functional mobile and contact detail of the client. They can view your special offerings and product within seconds through their mobile and can purchase with just a click.

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