Busy on cloud

Busy on cloud

Busy DHS is a cloud-based accounting platform. In which we no need to sit in an office for work. Busy DHS provides your office environment at home by any computer or laptop. Keeping data on cloud servers is highly safe.


Data centralization with online and offline mode.
Work for multiple locations and branches.
5 minutes ready to use setup.
100% compatible with Busy GST Release.
Speedy data processing with a high amount of data.
Security with the reliability of your data.

Cloud-Based Accounting removed all blockage of time and place and with the help of this, you can easily maintain the accounting, inventory, or statutory data. In the closing time period for finalizing accounts, making sales statements after all day billing, everybody was spending time in late hours in the shop.  But after using our Busy DHS services you do not have to stay at the office much. go right back home. In your comfort zone open Busy DHS and continue working on that. Manage your all sales, purchase, BOM, POS each and every transaction. You can use your local printer to print the ledgers and invoices. You can use your local disk to synchronize your Busy data. 

Busy cloud computing manages all purchases, sales, and transactions. we can work any time anywhere on any device with this software. In this computing automatic backup facility. it maintains other resources according to it. Busy cloud computing is highly secured. Remote printing -easy to print out an invoice, ledger and it supports any printer. This can data centralization with online or offline mode. This computing is a different service in this process that removes the need of emailing large files or sharing via flash drive.

Busy on cloud

Busy DHS is one of the best services of Busy accounting software where users maintain inventory and accounting data without worry of time and place. you can easily use busy cloud computing services and features. busy cloud computing working with 24/7 technical support. This is a cloud-based accounting platform that is very fast and flexible and it’s easy to use. We can create a local backup in this cloud-based software. This is a single required license that is cost-effective.

We provide Busy DHS for large businesses and medium businesses and small businesses as well. After using our Busy DHS services you do not have to stay at the office much. Busy DHS is a cloud-based accounting platform. Where we can work at home by any computer or laptop. Keeping data Busy software on cloud servers is highly safe. This is one of our best users to maintain inventory and accounting data without any constraints of time and place. no need to stay late at work to settle down the accounts. Busy accounting software on Cloud makes life easier and facile. All it requires is to set up Busy on the cloud server. 

Benefits Of Busy On Cloud

cloud based accounting


Highly optimized technology and lightweight backup agent is needed for installation. Maintain regulatory compliance by protecting your backup.

Busy DHS

Cloud Print

You can print your reports, details, invoices on local printers and you can create invoices, Ledger ,other MIS reports print it on your local printer, connected with your PC/Laptop. It supports all printers.

Busy on cloud

Anywhere Access

Busy accounting software available 24*7. enable network users to access server resources from any location, any time, any device with an Internet connection.

Busy DHS

Data Backup

It’s fast and reliable to capture everything in.database backup facilities available, flexible data recovery-backup and restore. You can take manual or automated backup regularly and It is very  Easy to use.

Busy on cloud

Data Migration

We provide data migration services for busy accounting software. Busy accounting software data located on premises or hosted on other solutions to our data center at free of charge. Get your data into busy software from tally excel and other accounting software.

Busy on cloud

Highly Secured

Highly secured infrastructure with firewall protected networks. Data is hosted on a highly secured server and Its on firewalled network. Encrypted data flow and backup of data is taken automatically. Your data is highly secured.

busy on cloud

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools make documents and worksheets.and its anywhere data access. These applications can be open source.

Busy DHS

Technical support

Our technical support team is always ready to solve your technical problem and provide you with a better working environment.

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