Busy Enterprise Edition

Busy enterprise edition is for medium and large businesses. It is the best value accounting software available in the marketplace. It is valuable for large and medium businesses. With the help of Busy accounting software Enterprise Edition, you can manage staff salary, That’s why it also called payroll management software.

Multi company/multi Financial year.
Reports Exports(HTML/File/MS excel/PDF).
Graphs and charts.
User configurable invoice and vouchers and Documents.
Image and Notes in Account and item Master.
provision for invoice printing second Language.
Payroll and CRM.

All Books of Accounts.
interest calculation with Automatic posting in accounts.
Handing of post-dated cheques (PDC).
configurable balance sheet and profit /loss A/c.
Multi-Currency Accounting.
Broker-Wise/Royalty Calculation.

All books of inventory.
Stock valuation on multiple Methods.
Provision for Free Qty in inventory vouchers.
Primary Alternate and packaging Unit for each item.
Item Batch and Serial no/ Parameterized-wise.
Enhanced party/Date/item -Qty-wise price structure(s).
Item -Qty-wise price/Discount Slabs.
BOM and production planning.
Production / Unassemble.
Job work management with auto posting in Accounts.
Physical Stock voucher.

Define Period based schemes (date & Time).
Scheme based on item/Group/invoice Amount.

Quotation/order/challan Management.
Purchase indent Management.

GST/VAT Summary.
GST e- Returns (GSTR-1/GSTR-3B/GSTR_4/ITC-04).
GST Registers (configurable).
GST Returns in JSON Format for Direct Upload to portal.
Automatic Eway Bill/E-invoice.
GSTR-2A Reconciliation.
online GSTIN Validation.


Various Feature

Some additional features as compared to Basic Edition and Standard Edition of Busy. Its features are multi-branch and multi-location management, Enquiry and support management, Voucher Approval System, Payroll Management, Exhaustive checks and controls, CRM(customer relation management), purchase indent Management.

Busy enterprise edition

Choose Busy That Suits Your Business

Feature list Express (100% Free) Basic (Starts From ₹9000*) Standard(Starts From ₹13500*) Enterprise(Starts From ₹18000*)
General Features
Multi-Company / Multi-Financial Year
Reports Export(Plain File / HTML / PDF / MS-Excel)
Graphs & Charts
User-Configurable Invoice / Vouchers /Documents
Provision for Invoice Printing in Second Language
Images / Notes in Account / Item Master
Payroll and CRM
Financial Accounting
All Books of Account
Interest Calculation with Automatic Posting in accounts
Handling of Post-dated Cheques (PDC)
Configurable Balance Sheet & Profit / Loss A/c
Broker-wise / Royalty Calculation
Multi-Currency Accounting
All books of Inventory
Stock Valuation on Multiple Methods
Provision for Free Qty in Inventory Vouchers
Primary, Alternate and Packaging Unit for each Item
Item Batch / Serial No / Parametrized-wise Maintainance
Enhanced Party / Date / Item-Qty-wise Price Structure(s)
Physical Stock Voucher
Job work Management with Auto Posting in Accounts
Production / Unassemble
BOM / Production Planning
Item-Qty-wise Price / Discount Slabs
Define Period-based Schemes (Date & Time)
Scheme based on Item / Group / Invoice Amount
Quotations / Order / Challan Management
Purchase Indent Management
GST / VAT Summary
GST e-Returns (GSTR-1 / GSTR-3B / GSTR-4 / ITC-04)
GST Registers (Configurable)
Online GSTIN Validation
GSTR-2A Reconciliation
Online GSTIN Validation

Busy Enterprises Edition Models

Busy enterprise edition

Busy Enterprise Edition-Single User ₹18000*

Busy enterprise edition

Busy Enterprise Edition-Dual User ₹27000*

Busy enterprise edition

Busy Enterprise Edition-Multi User ₹45000*

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