Busy Client Server Edition

Busy Accounting Software Client-Server Edition is perfect for those who want to speed up their Financial accounting. This Version increases the speed of data processing, due to this better application speed occurs. In the case of network failure between Client and server which is a too common thing, The data processing does not get affected hence improving the data integrity and reliability. This works on the Microsoft SQL database and provides high-speed data processing between client and server. This Edition provides you  Big data and a centralized Database. and you can work with both online and offline modes.

Absolutely no need for installing any printer drivers on your Server.
Busy client Server Edition provides you virtual printer drive.
You can receive the print job, compress it and send it to your local workstation with help of a virtual printer driver.

Improve the efficiency of your business operations by making your application web-accessible.
Secure, reliable and scalable way to web-enable any of your windows applications.
Imployees can access information.

Highly secured.
Anywhere anytime.
No drive required.

Work online as well as offline.

Steps to configure Busy Client Server Model

On Server

1. Install SQL server 2000 server database.

2. Register for a new server through the enterprise manager. Then you can specify name of this server. Server name is required while specifying server information on the client PC.

3. Set password for default user SA. this password is required then specify server information on client PC.

On Client

1. If you have a standard client-server dongle then busy will automatically start in the client-server model.

2. If you have no standard client-server or PC dongle then to start the busy application in Client-server model, following steps:
Create a separate icon of busy
Right-click the Busywin icon you have created and select the properties option.
Click the shortcut tab and specify PC as the command line argument in the target field.

3. After configuring the busy client-server model, the next step is to install the ODBC connectivity drivers on the client PC.

4. After installing ODBC connectivity drivers. Then specify server-related information in a busy application.

5. This is the only configuration required to run busy in busy client-server mode. This configuration is done and its works in file server mode.

Requirement for Client-Server Model

A-Operating system requirement

For client: any higher version or Window 98.
For server: any server operating system such as Server 2003, Window Server 2000, XP Server and so on which can run MSSQL Server 2000.

B-Software requirement

For clients: Busy application, ODBC Connectivity Drivers, and SQL Server 2000 Client Tools.
For server: MSSQL server 2000 Database Server.

Busywin software

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